I Wrote an Email to Jay-Z — He didn’t respond

In December of 2016, I sent lots of words to Shawn Corey. I haven’t heard back — yet.

Last year, I began reaching out to youth like Michael Jordan dunking from the free throw line with his tongue all the way out. I got in front of 1,000 kids and engaged them with everything I had — like Jay-Z performing at Barclay’s. I mobbed onto the stage with my bright, orange google drive, presentation title slide, and a backwards to give the Inner-city youth all of what I thought could be a rapper… yet, wrapped in a creative entrepreneur’s body. I felt like Michael Jordan dunking from the free throw line with his tongue all the way out.

To my surprise, they actually thought I was a savage rapper, ha. More importantly though, I became a tangible, real-life role model. Success that they could see, touch, hear, and relate to. Then, using their wit and brilliance, a select few actually took their own leap from the free throw line and connected with me on social media to build the relationship even further.

Nah, I didn’t digress.

To them, I was self-expressed, free, living life on my terms, self-sustainable, and lastly, black.

When was the last time any of those things came together for them in a physical form? If ever? Meeting them was one thing… but to actually create a means of sustaining a relationship and be open to connecting with them outside of the lecture structure… that’s colossal..

Back to Hov.

HOV is at the top of a long list African Americans I aspire to sit down with some day to engage and share experiences. Growing up without a father, I’ve been forced to seek out role models to fill that gap in the form of friends, family, colleagues, mentors, coaches, and much more. I wouldn’t be where I am without them. However, I’ve yet to connect with a role model who’s ascended to a level of greatness which I’m aspiring for. Like those kids, I’ve seen the lectures and performances, but I haven’t able to make that real world connection yet with Shawn and, to be frank, I could really use his advice on how to navigate this complicated yet opportunistic time as a young, black, creative savage.

Bottomline, my/our work for inner-city youth has only begun, and my entrepreneur drive only gets more and more fortuitous. I haven’t given on seeking a physical role model, and I realize it would be a luxury. However, I just hope each and every one of you understands the youth is watching you.

Be kind. Be self-expressed. Be empowering. Be Love.

The email to Hova:


Mr. Carter,
Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude.
Gratitude to the powers that are allowing this connection to happen.
Gratitude to the many platforms allowing our people to be self-expressive and create waves.
Gratitude to the many savages that inspired Shawn Carter, so he could inspire us.
Do you have a Proposal for Shawn? Nah.
What do you want you to say? idk.
Why do you want to meet him?
I was that little black boy raised by a single mother. The one who never met his father, was put in foster care at birth, and reunited with my erratic mother at two years old. But I’ve emphatically never played the victim card, instead, I have committed pure savagery since I was 16 years old, and, currently I run an agency which is doing numbers, and, employs eight full-time savages.
I am creating economy and hiring African Americans with pride.
For the past year, I have been obsessed with getting in front of African American youth, assuring them their inner savage and self-expression has a place in the world. Not only does it have a place but it also has the ability to thrive in that place; they can be their whole selves, using every fiber of their being. The earlier that black girls and boys can see a face like yours, mine, or any of my dope, black, savage friends, the realer it becomes that they are able to become savage, using their own self-expression.
The Work [Because talk is talk…]
Can I get a…
Valley Youth House Keynote Speech
A STEM Story: Nate Nichols
Back to the “Why…???”
I’ve had mentors all my life, but now, more than ever, I need a black man at astronomical heights to celebrate and ideate, to make sure I’m making the right moves at the right time. The catch, I’m coming in with no agenda because that’s never the way to begin building a lasting, authentic, relationship. All I am asking for is your time, because it would be a disservice to myself, my passion and the common goals we share if I was unable to connect with one of the most brilliant black business minds in America.
Thank you for your eyes and let savagery reign…
P.S. wouldn’t be the first time we’ve met, ha.
- Nate Nichols

Special Thanks: Brendan Lowry for pushing me to write this damn thing(Your brother for editing), Rahaf Harfoush telling I’m a damn good writer, Yoav Bergman for believing in my savagery.

My goal is to reach 10,000 youth this year with savage Millennial friends of color. If you have a school or a program who’d like us to come in and be that tangible role model shoot me an email — Create@palettegrp.com

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