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After looking through my Google Drive, I found this interview between me and Dan Bruce of FunnelCake that was never published. It’s been 2+ years and I no longer work at Mattermark (they were acquired twice since then), but I thought this interview was fun and should be shared.

I did this interview in early 2017 at the height of the (in my eyes and based on the metrics) widely read Mattermark Daily newsletter, a product I helped build under the umbrella of Mattermark. …

How a Bottom-up Approach Can Help You Sell to the Big Guys (read)

Individual employees have encouraged their companies to use tools like Slack and Salesforce company-wide. Starting at the bottom rather than the top is a great user acquisition approach for SaaS companies. Here are three ways salespeople should connect with the end user to ultimately secure exec buy-in.

Always Be Closing Sales

Tomasz Tunguz of…

Mattermark Daily — Monday, May 8th, 2017

Micro-VC — Smaller is better, but the math is still really hard (read)

While the math in the post may be intimidating, there are strong reassurances as history has shown us that small funds that do well, tend to do VERY well. Firms such as Lowercase, Baseline, Forerunner, Felicis, and K9 have top-decile funds that will ultimately far outpace top-decile performance of large…

Nick Frost

Community at Fmr. Mattermark Daily, StartupList, AngelList. Side project:

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