Smart Credit Cards — A Collection of Startups Taking Charge

As the mandatory integration of EMV-equipped credit cards gets closer to the October 2015 deadline in the United States, some entrepreneurs are taking a forward-thinking approach. Companies like Coin, Plastc, and Stratos are taking advantage of improvements in hardware manufacturing and software development to create their own ‘smart credit cards’ from scratch. The jury is still out on who will be the ‘winner’ in this category, as many of them are still in the ‘build phase’ with a looming launch date.

I’ve used Product Hunt to create a Collection of the smart credit card startups that I could find. Below is the list I came up with.

My Product Hunt Collection

These just happen to be the startups posted on Product Hunt, but there may be others out there in the works. If you know of any smart credit card startups that I may have missed, I would greatly appreciate if you could tweet me a link to their website. I’ll post them on Product Hunt and add them to my Collection.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about a future where I can better understand all of my credit/ debit card transactions and, simultaneously, not have to carry around multiple cards. I’ve already received my Coin, my first smart credit card.

Thanks for reading and please tweet me (@Thinker) if you find any smart credit card startups that I haven’t added to the list.

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