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Thank you for putting this out there into the world. We do really need to change the way we talk about women’s health and I love the idea of using a hashtag.

I’ve suffered some similar issues with my lady parts throughout my life and doctors just tell me that I’m being dramatic when I describe the unbelievable pain, nausea, and general inability to function as a person for several days a month. I’ve been on and off birth control pills for years but while I found they helped a lot with the excessive bleeding and debilitating cramps, they really exacerbated my anxiety and depression. There’s really no happy medium.

But I was glad to read your story because now I know I’m not alone with my issues. I wish everyone would talk more openly about this type of thing because I’m sure there are millions of women out there who suffer just as much but we feel like we can’t talk about it.

Things haven’t changed much since the days of elementary school sex ed (which was really lacking in good information) when references to periods and vaginas were met with whispers and giggles.

I’m totally throwing my support behind #askmeaboutmyuterus!