Humanity? Are you there?

It was the summer of 2004. The moment came for us to say goodbye to our school days. We were a bunch of boys excited about the new college days that awaited us and the steps to our respective careers. This was a time before the selfies and social networks became a thing. When the gang decide to hang out, they really do in a big way. Thinking about it now brings tears to my eyes and a smirk on my face…

Well, the bond between our pals start to break as we entered our second year in college. The pursuit of a rosy career led to jealousy and fierce rivalry started to become a regular affair. The constant abuses, things occasionally got physical and then, there was no gang…no common hang outs. We were finally adults (lol). I always think about those years and just wished to do something that would make all of that go away. All of us started to give each other a cold shoulder. But not a moment goes by, when I just ask myself where is all this leading us?

Years went by, and just last month we lost one of them to cancer. He was diagnosed perhaps a year ago, and yet he chose not to let us know. Everything was kept hidden behind closed doors. He wasn’t the best of friends to me but his condition did break my heart. Nobody deserved to be in that state if you ask me. But what hurt me even more was the attitude shown by me fellow pals. Some even openly announced that they wouldn’t spend a dime for his treatment. and when his spirit did depart from this world, they didn’t even want to see him. Fate wasn’t too kind towards me either. I was on my way to attend his burial when I had a road accident. But , a lot of questions kept filling my mind after all the chain of events. Have we really forgot to forgive people? I mean, whatever “reasons” these people had to have so much grudge towards him…is it all justified. Am I seeing the extinction of humanity? Are we going to teach our children to hate and not to forgive?

I know this ain't the best of write-ups because frankly, I have been away from this space for so long. This is the best I could manage(with trembling fingers), but I believe I could pen down some of my feelings here. Happy Easter to you.

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