Nitin Khanna on the Common Misconceptions about Digital Marketing

There is no doubt that in this technology driven world, digital marketing has given businesses a new boost towards faster growth. However, I believe there are some common mistakes that a newbie should avoid. Let’s discuss a few of them:

Higher Time Consumption versus Fewer Results:

It is a fact that there is hardly any short cut to success in the digital marketing sphere. When you start marketing your business online, you have to wait for the results for some time. After a few outcomes, reworking on the strategy can lead to the expected results. However, this does not mean that you should stop working on digital media based marketing ploys. Always remember that the results of digital marketing stay for a long time. Once the flow of business beings, it does way better in revenue than the off-line marketing processes.

It is too Technical and Hard to Track or Measure:

I personally can tell you that I have come across people who try to repudiate digital marketing because of its technicality. Some of my friends and even clients are heard saying, “You people better understand things as you have the technical knowhow”. But let me tell you my friends, it is not the technical aspect that is helping me with the online marketing processes but Googling around and help of my friends.

Talking about the tracking process, I can say there are so many tools to trace and analyze the output of your digital marketing efforts. For instance, there are many keyword analysis tools that help you know the best keywords that would help you move forward and outdo your competitors on the Google search results.

You Need to Invest Lump Sum Money for Success:

Some people have a big misconception that digital marketing calls for an investment of a considerable part of your marketing budget. But this is not true at all. Whether you’re employing a digital marketing consultant or yourself beginning to work in this domain, very nominal investment can fetch you grander results. You can get better results from other marketing maneuvers as well. There are so many free techniques that can be executed to get immediate results.

Social Networking is All Digital or Online Marketing:

In this era of ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’ and ‘WhatsApp’, people are developing a deep misconception in themselves. They believe that digital marketing is all about social media marketing. If you can market your business on social channels, you then don’t really need anything else. My only message to beginners is, stop thinking likewise! Google it and you’ll be versed with so many other techniques that help in bringing results. Do not waste your time entirely on social media marketing.

While there are so many other misconceptions about digital marketing processes, I have tried to put forward only 4 misconceptions that can lead a beginner to fail. I have personally burnt my nail falling in a few of such damaging misconceptions. So I believe, everyone should research well and find out the truth. I wish the above mentioned points would help you all be successful in avoiding the common misconceptions about digital marketing. Beware of the truth and achieve success.

I am Nitin Khanna, a passionate digital marketing strategist in Portland, Oregon and have spent the last 4 years to excel in the most current and progressive Search Engine Marketing solutions. For more info, visit