The Spiritual Laws of Social Media Success by Nitin Khanna

With the unraveling of the social media revolution, the laws of social media success have started reflecting a timeless wisdom. Almost all the brands, irrespective of their size use social media as a means of connecting to an audience, but it is among the ones following unwritten rules that are bubbling to the top.

Beyond Facebook’s algorithm and before Google are some Spiritual Laws of Success which can be a base for the social media success of many brands’.

I guarantee that understanding these laws and applying them to social media businesses can fetch you real potential. Let’s discuss a few of them:

The Law of Potential

To tap into the potentiality of social media, it is grave to understand the true self of your brand. Connecting with audience in the most authentic and genuine level, and which means stepping away from the ego-based actions.

The Law of Giving

If you are giving out on what you expect to receive, there are chances that you receive dramatic growths. This does not have to be expensive or even cost anything. However, you can give using a compliment, an expression, or a sign of gratitude.

The Law of Karma

Like it or not, everything that happens at the moment is a result of the choices that we have made in the past. Social media gaffes are a way of life, and there is no assurance that it won’t happen to you or your brand. It is how you grip them to add up positive energy.

The Law of Least Effort

There is an ancient principle known as the principle of economy of effort, which means ‘to do less and accomplish more.’ Though the ‘Least effort’ may seem like it does not make sense in this social world, when your actions are motivated by pure love and passion for what you do, work does not feel like work.

The Law of Intention

Changes can occur because of two things: attention and intention. While attention energizes, intention transforms. In social media management, we must know the power of attention and its association to intention. Whatever you lay your attention on, it will grow robust in your personal and social media life. Just like whatever takes your attention away, will wane away and fall to bits.

The Law of Detachment

The Law of Detachment states that to procure anything in the physical universe, you have to give away your attachment to it. However, you are not giving up your intent or the desire to triumph something. The only thing you are giving away is its connection to the result.

The Law of Purpose

Also acknowledged as the law of Dharma (purpose to life), the Law of Purpose is a prompt that each of us has a unique gift or a special talent to share with others. It is important to ensure that your personal purpose is a good match with the brands you work with, to align your purpose and passion.

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