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Cannot express how cool this project is. I remember when Unsplash was just a project on Tumblr. Keep up the amazing work guys! Here’s my response:

Finding your inspiration is definitely something that is difficult and challenging for most people. Many people such as myself will go through stages in the creative process where we have no direction and are just stumbling around trying to find out what direction we actually want to take with a project. It can be hard. Sometimes it seems like there is no resolution and that the best alternative would be to give up and not even bother, or cobble together some form of a design that hits all the right points but doesn’t leave us as the creator satisfied.

I’ve often found inspiration for my work when I least expect it, and often when I decide to stop looking for it, and explore something else. Stepping away from whatever I’m working on to take a walk, or browsing the internet looking at other designer’s portfolios often inspires me to think in a new way and see things differently. Exploring what the outside world and what others have done lets you as a designer, or filmmaker, or photographer get out of your own world, your own bubble where you’re alone with your own thoughts, and experience what someone else has done. Even if you don’t hear their thoughts directly and are only given the chance to experience their product, something about what they’ve done combined with your thinking could quite possibly create something that might not have been thought of by either you or them.

As a designer myself, I always try to see the world differently by looking at what others have done and thinking about how I can combine my own ideas with an element of their product to create something entirely different, and set on a different path that hasn’t been looked at before. If people always stuck to what they knew and never were able to pull from others to create new paths and ideas, than every work, every project, and every idea would always be the same for every person, and there would be nothing new to experience.

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