What’s your name and what do you do generally?
My name is Winnie Yip sometimes I go by the name Winnie yippie . I make art and sometimes illustrate for fun. You will spot me selling SADGIRLZ stickerz which I am hoping to expand and make more. I am also in the midst of managing a local art studio called Cloverartz as well as working on a local art platform called X-online.

What is ‘1–800ofbadloversclub’+ the creative process behind it?
“I recalled an ex lover telling me that I am the sick one for indulging in this kind of pain. I said no, you are the sick one”. The show happened very timely as I finally ended a traumatising and an abusive relationship a few months prior. It also marked a transition for me as an artist to create more intangible works.

1–800-OFBADLOVERS was my first solo show, featuring a collection of work dated way back from 2016.
It all started by letter from an ex lover which eventually led to a series of works. Unknowingly, the works have built up over time. All these works are a manifestation of learning from experiences and self awareness. 
To be “human” summing up my 24 years of experience (even I am still learning from mistakes). 
To be Brave and know that it’s okay to take care of mental health which is even more so important at this time of age.

Why did you choose CANVAS to exhibit it?
I have always preferred an alternative space over a white cube. The CANVAS creative space was more than perfect for me to kick start this route taking a step closer to becoming an artist. I was more than happy to showcase my works as it allowed a more personal audience interaction which I feel most important for art.

Any new endeavours in the near future?
Hopefully fingers crossed.

Anything you wanna say to the young creatives?
Be fearless, I always don’t believe that when artists tells me to never give up and work hard whenever I asked them how did they gotten so far. 
But, it does happen if you work on it long enough even it’s 99 percent luck and 1 percent effort. Hard work does pay off well, it’s okay if people doubt you. 
It’s going to be tough journey, but you will get good friends along the way.

Take a break if needed even if it’s a long hiatus.

Where can people find you?
IG: Winnieyippie_xw


Spotify: 1–800-ofbadloversclub and contribute to the mix !

YouTube: 1–800-ofbadloversclub

I’ll upload more Digital GIF every now and then …or Say hi to me if you see me selling sadgirlz stickers!!!!

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