Duties of Nanny to be discussed before hiring for Childcare

Everyone wants to hire a perfect nanny which can do her childcare job with honesty and excellence. To hire such a nanny, parents make lots of efforts and conduct a deep research. They ask from relatives or friends for the one they had good experience with. The majority of parents search for a nanny who can look after their children and manage daily chores related to children efficiently when they are at work.

It’s really a good feeling for every working parent reaching home without any tension of cleaning the mess spread around. The home is tidy and managed with smiling kids waiting for mummy-papa when you reach home. The best way is leave the nanny-finding task on nanny agencies. These agencies have a list of pre-screened and interviewed candidates.

They will send you the best candidates who match with your job requirement and can fit in your expectation. You can then interview them, verify about the work experience to hire the one who can serve you longer. And, this is possible only if you stay clear in informing her about the duties and other responsibilities.

You should have good communication with your nanny, which can help you in finding any issue or problem she is facing during her work. Every family or parent has different expectations from the nanny. Some look for the one who can focus solely on the childcare with a very little cleaning. Some need a nanny who can handle some household chores also along with the childcare. However, those household duties are child-centric daily chores.

The job duties generally include laundry, ironing for children, changing bed sheets of their rooms, tidying all the areas kids use and create the mess, cooking for children and then keep extra food in the freezer and clean up the kitchen mess. You can also add some other duties also in the list after discussing with the nanny you are hiring.

If the kids ages 3 or below, then it is the nanny’s responsibility to change diapers, cook the hygienic food, and then tidying up everything. A good nanny always tries her best to make a toddler happy and smile with her creativity and playful nature. You can also ask her to transport your children from and to school and play clubs. It is also a nanny’s duty to help the kids with homework, manage the school and other play club activities very well. However, all those duties need to be discussed before signing the contract and providing the offer of employment.

Everything related to the job duties and responsibility should be discussed in advance to avoid any unnecessary confusion after she joins your family for childcare. Do remember one thing do the background check and screen the candidate for her reliability before hiring a nanny.

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