2017 IT Security Are Going To Be Worse Than 2016

ANALYSIS: Constant dangerous news concerning Russian hacking and also the increasing prevalence of ransomware created 2016 an IT security disaster… however 2017 are going to be worse

As I’m writing the news is current that outgoing President Barack Obama has levied sanctions against Russia for numerous hacking activities as well as their makes an attempt to have an effect on the result of the 2016 Presidential election.

The sanctions that are presently being enforced embody bodily function thirty five Russian “operatives” from us and private sanctions against the leaders of Russia’s cyber-forces. Little question there before long are going to be a number of alternative secret sanctions, possible several of them cyber-attacks against Russia.

Of course, Russia is threatening to retaliate in numerous ways in which and that we can possible before long hear that some U.S. diplomats area unit being sent home as persona non grata.

Russia Hack

With solely 3 weeks to travel before the inauguration of future President, the present one doesn’t ought to worry a lot of concerning what may happen as a result of it won’t air his watch to any extent further. However you’ll be sure that Russia’s revenge are going to be a lot of serious than stealing John Podesta’s Gmail password.

While I can’t predict precisely what the Russians can do for his or her cyber revenge, you’ll assume it’ll be important, maybe weakening. It would even be the start of an all-out cyber-war.

And that’s solely the beginning. Currently that young Macedonians have discovered that faux news pays dividends, you’ll assume that faux stories can become a lot of subtle, and a lot of inflammatory.

While faux news by itself isn’t specifically a cybersecurity downside, we’ve got already seen however faux news stories will trigger serious consequences and not simply within the realm of cybersecurity. Simply last week a faux news article resulted in revived nuclear threats between Israel and Pakistan with every reminding the opposite that they need nuclear weapons and aren’t afraid to use them.

While nuclear war, even on a restricted basis, is way worse than a cyberattack, the possibilities are that none of the nuclear-capable nations on earth is in an exceedingly hurry to launch the massive One, if solely as a result of it’ll lead to their own death also, however that’s wherever revived cyber-wars are available in.


Nowadays it’s simple and low cost to badly hurt your individual mistreatment cyberattacks, and ne’er desperate to flip their urban center into a radioactive waste.

But an attack between national adversaries isn’t truly the largest threat to security. Recently the larger threats area unit criminals wanting to create a quick buck and others desire to require out the net connections of a contestant, harass a remote government they don’t like, take down the websites of firms that angry them or thrill seekers attempting to ascertain if they will get on the national news.

Unfortunately, it takes little within the means of resources to line up Distributed Denial of Service Attack, particularly currently that entrepreneurs area unit transaction out botnets by the hour. These attacks that are more and more launched from the net of things are extraordinarily tough to counter and nearly not possible to defend against.

While there are ways in which to mitigate such attacks, sometimes by mistreatment cloud-based anti-DDoS services, the arrangements ought to be created beforehand of an attack if they’re to be only.

Not that several firms area unit willing or able to pay cash to organize defenses once an attack hasn’t taken place.

Worse Than DDoS

But there are worse things than a DDoS attack, if solely as a result of they finish eventually. Another quickly growing trend facing the enterprise area unit company ransomware attacks within which vital business information is encrypted and control for ransom till the victim pays up, sometimes to the tune of tens of thousands of greenbacks.

Such attacks are getting a lot of frequent and a few firms are willing to pay to urge their information back. However it gets worse.

The latest ransom attacks have combined the loss of access to on-line company information via a DDoS attack and paired it with the ransom like you’d realize in an exceedingly ransomware attack and also the attack can continue till the victim pays the ransom.

For good live, they will conjointly cypher company records with great care that anti-DDoS services become pointless. All of this assumes that the person or cybercriminal cluster holding a business for ransom truly provides the coding key which it works.

What’s turning into a lot of common is that the ransom is paid and also the key doesn’t work. Or that the criminals ne’er send a coding key and also the victim has lost their information and cash.

What are you able to do?

Those attacks are simply what we have a tendency to already apprehend is coming back and that’s dangerous enough. What’s not obvious is what can be the targets of future cyberattack targets and what new attack methods will emerge.

Unfortunately cybercriminals have seen that the present level of security at the most organizations is pretty lame. This implies that they’re unengaged to attack at can and hold just about anyone or something for ransom.

How long does one suppose it’ll be till we have a tendency to see that the White House web site encrypted and control for ransom? However long before the National Security Agency is with success hit with an attack that causes serious damage? I don’t apprehend the answers to those queries, however I feel such attacks area unit attainable immediately.

So what are you able to do? If you don’t have already have everything in situ to fight defend against cyber-attacks then you’re running on borrowed time.

Whatever ways future weakening cyber-attack apply, you’ll assume that the dangerous guys can seek their weapons on business before they attack the govt. The attacks might have already begun and you’ll not have detected concerning them as a result of the victims area unit afraid to talk out.

But now’s the time to start out religiously backing up your information, to verify that you just will recover it and to create positive that you just have storage within the cloud that you just also can use for recovery. Then you would like to be ready to abandon your information center and produce up a replacement one therefore you’ll continue your business whereas you live through the initial attack.

These live aren’t getting to be simple or low cost. However all you’ll do is to be ready for love or money and hope that’s enough.