The problem with “everyone is a designer.”
Aubrey Johnson

Aren’t you taking things a bit too literally and missing the point?

I don’t think anybody is honestly saying that everybody is now entitled to list “Designer” as their professional occupation.

My take on it is they were simply pointing out that designers don’t have a monopoly on the information, insights, or inspiration that can have a dramatic impact on the end product. Nor do they have direct control over all aspects of what contributes to a great design.

What was said in no way belittles designers or their skills and experience. I see it as a call to action for designers to come out from behind their hi-res Pantone calibrated monitors and take on a bigger role of soliciting input from their partners and educating them on the extent to which what happens in their domains has an effect on the overall experience AND to help them learn to think in those terms.

An obvious counter argument to what you’ve said above, is that simply having a job title that includes the word “Designer” doesn’t bestow skill and experience. Frankly, I think the “design community” has to accept some responsibility for a diluted perception of their craft.

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