Philippa • “…those little things”

Ease feels like having your ears underwater and your gaze at the sky, with nothing on your mind except the cool movement beneath you. Ease feels like a long hug. Ease feels like the comfort and confidence of being who you are and the confidence in what you do.

Ease looks like pastel colours. Ease looks like sea-drenched hair in the sun. Ease looks like a smile so genuine you have to smile yourself.

Ease sounds like mellow electronic music. Ease sounds like your own long exhale. Ease sounds like familiar voices and laughter.

Ease really is about those little things that bring you back to nature. The sensory experience of recognising the beauty of my surroundings and not taking these little things for granted. By recognising these moments that ground me, I’m taken back to the basics. Gratitude over expectation.

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