Post numero Uno, trying this Blog thing

Driving down a country road

One of my favorite things to do growing up, especially if it had been a hard day, was to drive down a deserted country road in central Texas, music blaring and looking a little too long at the summer sunsets. I believe this picture was shot driving about 20mph outside the window of my old Mazda 3. The perspective of these sunsets always made me wish I had the artistic capabilities to paint them, but a small snapshot would have to do on the occasion I remembered to take them.

I’m a self described thinker/introvert. I would say instead of cementing many memories into my brain from past experiences I have replaced precious space in my hippocampus(the part of the brain you store memories) with worries or sensitive thoughts about the past or future. Most of the self help books I read say the key to correcting this is to be Mindful of your surroundings. Well I can’t time travel to the past and re-cement those memories so I figured instead I would commit to the trend of blog posting (even though I hate giving into trends… Fuck off pokemon go, I can’t wait for you to die off!)

Because you see, the problem this day and age is that it’s super fucking hard to meet people that not only are compatible with you as a friend, but are also interesting enough to carry on conversations about the same things you are into. And everyone likes to add that, “you just need to put yourself out there.” Like it’s natural for an introvert (that has full blown conversations in their head rather than talking to humans) is naturally prone to being outgoing enough to connect with strangers. Well I can tell you that it TERRIFIES me to go to say a Meet Up and talk to people without an excuse or a preset topic. So here I am, here to write about things I think about, with hopes that someone can relate to some of the things I’ve gone through, been around, or just think about and want someone to see.

Some of the topics I plan on talking about include breaking up with my best friend, living alone as a 30 year old female in the 20'teens and how different and kind of screwed up it is compared to every other generation before us, finding a whole new person in my brain than I have been for the past 15 years, i.e. 20’s party girl with friends I thought I could trust to always be there. And then other musing about the future, where humans are progressing to in the future and how we can save ourselves from rotting into cardiac/kidney failure/diabetes or the inevitable trifecta humans seem to be prone to these days. (I’m a medical professional in the critical care field and have seen some crazy/unbelievable stuff). I’ll be signing off now, I’ll be anticipating any feedback if you relate to any of my posts, tata for now!

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