Required reading if you’re trying to understand what it’s like to be Black in America
Kari Cobham

A southern man’s (Dixon D. White) brilliant heart-felt open letter to #POTUS on racism and taking action; posted on American News X site:

On slavery — “Ever since then, like all bullies — when you bully people you are afraid the victims will bully you back. Karma. White people have been trying to control black people and have been afraid of black people for 400 years.”

Dixon’s main point here isn’t to beat up on white people, though — he’s done plenty of that in past videos. Dixon’s main point is he is looking to the President for guidance, for leadership. He explains that he and millions of others “are ready” to take action to change the future. After pointing out several problems that are being fed by racism, like the for-profit prison system, our drug laws and how our police operate in too many places. He asks what can we do to fix / address it.

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