Lost Angiest


There lived a man named Dicky in a town called Amory.

He was notoriously known as a bully all his life. His buds lovingly called him D-sticky, D-licky and sometimes D- nutty. But they all loved him because he curses and insults others for them. Most of the time he bullies the weak and vulnerable.

He was surrounded by his like-minded friends. His best bully adviser was named Ballon, he confided in his secret keeper named Pampa loompa and aided by his warrior called Mad Dog.

They all lived happily for a few months and just like that they vanished into the thin air. At the time of this writing, the narrator couldn’t put his finger on what happened to ‘em. The town people lived a peaceful and productive life ever since. A sad, sad story, indeed.

The End.

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