Why I’m leaving Snapchat and so are all your friends
Owen Williams

Interesting perspective. It made me want to switch to Instagram Stories.

So I ran a little experiment :

  • I posted a Snap, asking my Snap friends about me making a move to Instagram, and asked what they thought.
  • I posted an Instagram story, asking my Instagram followers about me getting started on Instagram, and asked what they thought.

The Snap got 20 views, and 4 responses. 20% engagement rate. 
The Instagram got 60 views, and 1 response. 2% engagement rate.

Granted (1) this is a one-off, (2) I am more active on Snapchat, and (3) telling my “audience” I might leave them for another platform (that they also use) could be what generated more reactions.

But still, it made me change my mind. I think it’s not about “leaving Snapchat” and joining Instagram altogether.

It’s about Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

The two platforms serve different purposes.

Snapchat is a private chatroom, sharing more private stories and reacting more often.

Instagram stories are a blog, with more views but less engagement with a larger social circle.

Thank you for writing this post, it got me to change my mind, twice :)

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