Reading Notes 2016–01

InfoQ: Functional Reactive Programing


  • View Events as Arrays

InfoQ: Scaling Foursquare


  • Zookeeper used as system of record for location of services
  • DevOps develop tool to trace a call from start to DB calls (at overstock this is a ‘call chain Id’)
  • Use Feature Flags when adding features
  • Start with typical scaling,

GMB: How to make the most of your time


  • Recode activities in a typical day (how do you spend your time)
  • Identify what sucks (what you hate, take up time, not good at, does not enhance life,
  • Improve & evaluate

GMB: 3 Steps to Success

Make your plans simple and get to the action of it as soon as possible

Dr. Carol Dweck — our belief in “changeability” itself determines a great deal of how we approach success & life in general

To achieve success we have to cultivate the mindset that our physical and mental attributes are not fixed but can change and develop with effort and practice

Willpower / Decision Fatigue

  • Get Sleep
  • Automate routine decisions: Wear the same thing or organize daily dress, prepare meals, automate purchases
  • Most complex/important thing early in the morning
  • Don’t do unimportant things in the morning

HBR Making time for work that Matters

  • Eliminate or delegate unimportant tasks and replace them with value-added ones.
  • Look at all your daily activities and decide which ones
     are (a) not that important to either you or your firm and (b) relatively easy to drop, delegate, or outsourcing

Scaling Teams

  • Organize teams into Delivery Teams instead of technology focuses or tier focus