Service Architecture at Scale

Randy Shoup discusses modern service architectures at scale, using specific examples from both Google and eBay. 
The presentation given at Q-Con can be found on Info-Q.

Here are some of the key insights from the presentation.
- Layering of a application can appears clean even if it was built organically from the top down
- Architectures job is to provide and promote not enforce best practices.
- Google and eBay (also probably Amazon) not have a architecture review board. AKA no central bottleneck.
- Thus Architecture team build a archetypes, library, tools that are better and easier to use that what is currently available. 
- Do standardize how services communicate (e.g. network protocol, documentation, and monitored).
- Provide searchable code base and debugging / diagnostic tools
- Be able to rollback a service easily

Additional Resources
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