Little things can make a big difference

Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

This quote on a poster on my work desk is making me stronger everyday. It’s beginning to act like a wrecking ball that breaks the artificial walls of excuses I so effortlessly create around my goals ever so often. Let me talk about one such instance.

Today being Friday, I felt like skipping my evening run, saying to myself that I could always do a run tomorrow morning — the only excuse being that I felt lazy. When I weighed this excuse against my commitment to be healthy, I literally cringed at the thought of succumbing to such a hollow excuse! Having committed to be stronger than my excuses, I vanquished my laziness and went for my daily run.

This simple yet relatable message is turning out to be so highly potent that it is altering the way I go about the smallest things. Every time I feel like making an excuse, there’s a part of my brain that compels me to be stronger and do that thing that needs to be done.

Thanks to the folks at Fatmug for this wonderful work of art. The striking beauty of this poster is only superseded by the impact of the message that it carries.