During my undergraduate degree I took a course titled Political Ecology. Although this course centred on politics of the environment, its main focus was critical thinking and analysis. These two themes where extremely prevalent within my science degree, as many of my professors claimed that science especially requires a critical eye. Nothing is as it seems and it takes a little bit more effort to sift through the content until the facts are found. This principal is not only applicable to science but to the average person’s life. Albeit it takes a little bit more effort and time to think critically, it is a crucial element in today’s society. Therefore I have long thought about creating a blog concerning the matters of the facts. During the beginning of my university education I was enrolled in political science in the Maritimes, Canada. Originating from the west, various points of views from both sides clashed in my mind. It became apparent early on that both sides harboured bias, resolution was out of the question. Science is mostly impartial, facts are facts and prejudice is only really prevalent when individuals begin to interpret the data. Nevertheless I believe the details should be presented instead of skewed by journalists, analysis or news outlets. My growing anger with news, media and politicians increases daily due to their bias and agendas. You may think it naive, yet I believe in efficiency, cooperation and communication between all parties. However this is being push aside which has resulted in the disregard for individual and group input and consideration, political frustration and lack of concern for the minorities. One side is always getting the upper hand, a louder voice. This is an outstanding issue that must be addressed in order to move forward, especially in Canada. No one will ever agree 100% with everyone, but I do believe that the populace has a right to be hear and considered. If this is not the case then why communicate at all? This is what I hope to accomplish in this blog, discover the truth, report facts and provide enough information and tools to let you, the public decided for yourselves whether your best interests are being heard and fought for.

- The Observant Writer