Darcee Lynn Las Vegas Artist

Darcee Lynn Art

Darcee Lynn and her passion for art started as soon as her hands could hold a crayon. Darcee vision was always to become an artist, but people would tell Mrs. Lynn how unrealistic that was. It was now a driving force to prove them mistaken. As a Culinary Specialist, aboard a navy ship, she was the baker. While on the high seas, she painted and baked during deployment.

Mrs. Lynn would buy Sports Illustrated magazines and sketch the women from them, as well as doing portraits for her shipmates. When the ship which Darcee was on was dry docked in Washington she had her own barracks which gave her the space and time to delve head into her art, mastering her craft.

Darcee Lynn in her studio

After her service was up, Darcee attended a semester for art at CSN, Las Vegas. As well as also attending The Art Institute in Las Vegas for culinary school. In school a job offer for the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino to work at Rose Rabbit, came to be hers. You can clearly see the harmony of the love of culinary and art clearly in her paintings.

Honey Comb

One of her first art sales was in high school, but it was not till her time at sea during the Navy did it become a laser focus. Her friends started to see her art and they began asking her for custom paintings. In Las Vegas, she had one of her first gallery showing at Wasteland Gallery. You can now catch her painting live at The Common Wealth Bar.Get your signed prints now, because like rocket sped she is launching to become a well renowned artist.