Forest girl

Once there was a small girl about 1 year old. She had no pets but had always wanted one. One day she took a walk in the forest and suddenly she saw a snake! But the snake was friendly and said”I will be your pet, if you like.”From then on it was easy. Every day she took a walk until she had all the animals of the wood. They helped her and took care of her because she had no family. Her pets became her family and she loved them.

One day a strange woman came along and said” I have come to take you to my orphanage.” Being bought up by animals, she did not understand English and was frightened by this “Alien “ Thing. The lion roared and the woman fled. The girl uttered a wild laugh and began to groom her monkey.

When she turned 5, the animals took her back to the jungle. She played and learned with all her might and grew to be strong as an elephant, fast as a falcon, tough as a lion and agile as a snake.

The time came when she married the gorilla, and they had a half human baby. It was a human except that it had long black fur growing all over its body. It was another girl and she grew to be strong and fierce like her father, and agile and swift like her mother.

After a few years she got a brother who had the girl or women as his mother and the eagle as his father. He was born with wings like an eagle and legs like a human.

Then came a third baby and it was lion-human (Naturally because the woman married the lion this time.) When her father, the lion, died, she was to become the queen of the jungle. “All the animals will obey you,” said the gorilla child, “you must be wise, good and just as the queen but that will be in a long time.”

When the lion died, she did become queen. she was wise and good and just, like her father. But she was only 10 years old and needed help. So the she-lion came in, and ruled temporarily until she was 18. After that, she had descendants until they were almost pure human but had a few lion genes in them, so they were never that calm. And the bond between human and animal still exists today. You can see by the population of people keeping pets!

Afterword — if you are brave and adventurous, you are a descendant of the lion child; if you are fast and clever you are of the eagle kind; if you love nature and wildness then you are from the line of gorilla children.

The End

11th April. 2017