“This is US” and Adoption

My long living dream is to get the chance one day to adopt a child from a different race. I want to be able to provide this child with all the love and care they may need, accept them however they turn out to be and shower them with the affection I was deprived from as a child.

but recently I watched a series named “This is US” where a family adopted an African American child; and it was really an eye opener.

However the romantic the idea of adoption is, It is damn hard work! making sure your child fits, that they are not being discriminated against or left out for any reason …. yet also not be too sensitive about it that they would automatically inherit it from me and would become eventually their reality.

Above all I have to make sure to provide them with the stability they deserve after being abandoned by their own parents(for whichever reason)

As a parent to a future adopted child I need to put in mind their need to be around their own culture and people however jealous i might get to be. which on its own is quite hard to do! because I would want to know that i am capable of providing them with the role model they need to look up to.

Basically i need to learn to be selfless and learn that that child can be drawn towards their own culture and background however … but isnt that parenting after all? to love unconditionally not expecting anything in return.