Competence Over Desire

This is my first story, so sorry if my story is scrappy and not so well-structured. Critics and suggestions are very welcome.

My cousin has just graduated from his private high school, which is harshly said, not a favorable or renowned one. His grades aren’t splendid, not even good enough, and so does his study ethics. Filling most of his times playing games and hanging around, he can’t cope with the academic stuffs he should do. With such condition, he didn’t participate in the national public universities invitation draft for his slim chance of getting accepted. Therefore,he must study hard in order to be accepted in the written draft system (commonly referred as SBMPTN), which means he’ll compete with around 797,000 students all over Indonesia. Along with this SBMPTN thing, he also prepared himself for the independent tests held by individual public universities. I’ve been there before, so I know how hard it is to pass this test regarding to the difficulty itself, competitors, and the limited numbers of seats. Hard, not impossible.

However, what makes my cousin fail all the tests, in my observation, is that he limits himself in subjects chosen but exaggerates the universities chosen. For SBMPTN, he only chose Communication (a favorite subordinate of Faculty of Social and Political Science) and he did not diversify his subject choices, which can vary from Accounting, Management, Law, etc. as long as it relates to Social Studies. Worse, he picked three top universities in Indonesia for the test, which means his rivals will be a lot tougher compared to if he picked lower-ranked universities. Same thing applies to all independent tests, aside from Communication, no other subject chosen.

Aside from his terrible attitude as a student, what makes me and my family mad over him is how he doesn’t realize how incapable he is in this competition. With such competence, he should’ve chosen other universities with lower difficulty rate, or a wiser choice, diversify his choice of subjects chosen. Note that every Indonesia’s public universities always release their annual data of enrollment registrars and acceptance quotas, which can be utilized and analyzed to predict the probability to be accepted in the desired university. But as expected, he did nothing about it and goes as if he can be accepted everywhere his desire takes him. He also refused to enroll for private universities, since here in Indonesia they are considered “second to” public ones. If only he did so, he might could’ve rest easy now. Unfortunately, he’s still struggling to find the next school for him, even until this story is written.

Obviously, this story isn’t meant to bring him down or even to discourage him a bit, even if it might sound like one. Me and my family always tried to tell him that his desire for Communication or a restriction to top public universities only doesn’t always have to be fulfilled, especially regarding to his current condition. We always wanted him to have a bright future by going to university, and in order to make it happen, he should have measured his competence and mute his desire a bit.

I hope all of you readers get what I’m trying to say, especially all of you students (specifically Indonesians) who are going to pursue your dreams in college level. Desire is a good thing to push you harder, but don’t let it blind you from your competence. Do researches, analyze all available data, ask every sources out there, make all possible outcomes and plans with their probabilities, and most importantly, study harder than your rivals in order to improve your competence. If in the end what you want isn’t what you get, maybe it’s the best for you.