What is Anti Crash Technology (ACT) for Remote Control Planes?

When one begins the hobby of flying best rc helicopter, one of their greatest fears is crashing their plane and ruining their investment of both time and money. While there are flight simulators and electric trainers available to teach you how to fly, once you’ve put all the time and effort into making your own plane, the last thing you want to do is fly something that will only give you a simple taste of flying without the thrill of knowing you are controlling that little plane in the sky. Luckily for you, beginner planes featuring Anti Crash Technology (ACT) are available.

Created by HobbyZone, Anti Crash Technology works by using two sensors: one on the bottom of the plane and the other on the top. Each sensor works by sensing the plane’s proximity to the ground; if the plane is flying level or descending slowly, the top sensor detects the sky above and tells the system that the plane is flying correctly. Should you begin to lose control of the plane and start to rapidly dive towards the ground, the sensors pick up on that and begin to correct the control inputs, allowing you the time you will need to correct your flight path and regain control of the plane to prevent crashing.

One of the best qualities about Anti Crash Technology is that the planes come with the option to turn the function on and off. Once you’ve gotten the hang of flying the plane, you can simply turn the ACT off and take complete control of the plane. Anti Crash Technology is a fantastic way to learn the ropes of flying without harming your aircraft and also to get a taste of what it’s like to fly.

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