Theo Pappas- #1 State Director in the Country for 2016


2016 SGA of the Year


When everyone executes together, great things truly happen!

Every once in a while, you come across someone whose personality, drive, passion and zest for life are such that the best way to describe that person is “larger than life” or “a force of nature.” Anyone who knows him will agree these are apt descriptions of our 2016 SGA of the Year, Theo Pappas.

Predictably, Theo is quick to deflect credit for the honor to the members of his Agency office team. “Coming from behind to win Category I by .4% can only happen when your entire team pulls together to make it happen. Our office staff did a great job, our associates did a phenomenal job with (MGA) Muhammed Ashraf leading the way. Our leadership went beyond and above.” He is quick to add, “Also never take the support from home for granted since we could not do anything without our families supporting us.”

With an Agency theme of Win As One last year, the Pappas SGA office started out to simply have a great year for themselves, having set a goal of achieving 20% growth. Up until September of 2016, the Agency wasn’t even in contention to win Category I. Theo says, “Once we realized the opportunity was in sight, our team came together. Each day and week that passed in December, the Agency’s belief and excitement increased to a fury I’ve never seen before.” This is not the first time the Pappas SGA office has been in the winner’s circle. They won Category 3 in 2011 and Category 2 in 2012. Theo himself is a 7-time Executive Council member. “When we look back at 2016, I believe what we will take away from it is that anything is possible as long as you believe and back up that belief with hard work and a plan to execute. When everyone executes together, great things truly happen,” says Theo.

Theo summarizes 2016 by saying, “We left everything on the field and we gave it all we had. I am so blessed to be a part of this agency and more blessed to be able to lead them in the capacity in which I do. I am so proud of their execution and achievements in 2016.” Congratulations to Theo and the entire Pappas SGA office for winning the battle of the century for Category I !

Theodore Pappas

SGA National Income Life

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