Theodore Sumrall is the Senior Vice President of Engineering at GeoGenCo, LLC

Theodore Sumrall is the senior vice president of engineering at GeoGenCo, LLC. He manages all the engineering related aspects of Geothermal and Waste Heat Recovery power generation projects within the US and internationally.

Theodore has more than 30 years of experience in domestic as well as international industries related to chemical, geothermal, oil and gas (Upstream, onshore and offshore, and midstream and downstream), petroleum, renewable energy, precious metals mining, and defense.

He pursued Bachelor in Chemistry from Brigham Young University. Later, Theodore was awarded a full government scholarship to pursue his Doctorate in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tokyo (listed as one of the top ten globally ranked University for Chemical Engineering). The scholarship was valued $320K over the period of 1995–1998. From 2004 to2006, he worked as the Adjunct Professor of Engineering at University of Florida. He worked as a liaison between the US and international universities, research laboratories and private industry in identification, funding, and transfer of technologies of interest to the US.

Theodore Sumrall specializes in

Chemical Formulation Optimization
Process Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Drilling Operations
Drilling Fluids
Renewable Energy
Product Development
Design & Specifications
Intellectual Property
Product Innovation
Production & Testing
Project — Program Management
Process Development
International Liaison
Safety Team Leadership
Energetic Materials
Hazardous Materials
Mining and Metals Recovery

Theodore Sumrall has also issued various publications, such as —

Leaching of Gold: A Technology Review of Lixiviats
Concentration of Placer Gold Ore
Development of micro robots and launching mechanism for survivors survey in rescue operation
Micro Hopping Robot with IR Sensor for Disaster Survivor Detection
Large-Scale Fragment Impact Sensitivity Test Results of a Melt Castable, General Purpose, Insensitive High Explosive
Large-Scale Fast Cook-off Sensitivity Results of a Melt Castable General Purpose Insensitive High Explosive
Performance Test Results of an Economical, High Performance, Melt Castable IHE
Dissertation on the Study of Insensitive Highly Energetic Materials
Development of Micro Rescue Robot- Human Detection
Introduction to Fireworks by T Yoshida and D Ding (Reviewed by Theodore Sumrall)

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