close-up image of a dandelion after the petals have fallen and only the fuzzy white seed heads are visible

white outrage is exhausting

by Aura Bogado

white outrage is 100 whites
explaining their sudden sorrow 
while only one white person 
actually asks you 
how you’re doing

white outrage is 200 whites 
demanding to know 
what they should be doing

white outrage needs to know

white outrage cannot wait

they’ve been attended to 
their whole lives
and today is no different

white outrage 
needs solutions 
from you 
from the person 
in no way responsible

white outrage needs
those answers
from you 

white outrage 
always has 
an expiration date

and then it spoils

white outrage always spoils

the rot that is left 
the putrid remains 
of counterfeit concerns
altered into complacency
assure another episode
of white outrage

white outrage is a cycle
that revolves around itself 
and ensures its own survival

white outrage will tire you 
white outrage will drain you
white outrage will finish you

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