Late Night with Theo Goodman

Theo Goodman
Mar 9 · 2 min read

There is a new podcast out there, and this one is always late at night. From the merky corners (depths) of the internet where memetic power is crafted by secret soceities of dark trolls, degenerate sports bettors cross paths with bankers, MMA fighters, Artists and high leverage crypto traders this is where Late Night with Theo Goodman takes place.

Episode 1 with David Moore from Known Origin

I talk to David about the origins of known origin which include death tech and pop up art galleries. How an ETH price chart lead David down the crypto rabbit hole as well as what NFTs are and what is the current state of the NFT market.

The OG KnownOrigin website, compare that with the current

I talk to Georgeio about the latest developments in crypto retail banking and we go over the before and after of one of his historical MMA fights vs. Ryan Shamrock (check out the video below).

I talk with Jessica Angel about ETH Denver and the development of the NFT art community. Jessica gives some good insights in what is lacking in the current NFT world and why she has yet to tokenize any artwork, so far…

Impressions from ETH Denver and the Makerspace

I talk with Ksenya about Room77, gendered blockchain events and the infamous burger token which could be the biggest exit scam in crypto history!

Did you know that there is a Room77 Rarepepe that has been certified dank by the Rarepepe Foundation?

But that is not all!

More episodes of Late Night with Theo Goodman are on the way. Make sure to follow me on twitter and you can subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform.




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Theo Goodman

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