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Faculty Death

A professor for Lynchburg University’s Education Department past away at the age of 58.

Elizabeth Billson had been suffering from cancer for the past 10 years. She taught approximately 10,000 students in her 36 years of teaching at Lynchburg.

Lynchburg awarded her with the most “outstanding professor” award last year.


Two trucks collided head-on last night on I-59 as a result of repairs being made to the interstate.

Fuel that was spilled by both trucks caused an oil slick on the highway, resulting in the drivers hitting in each other even though they both braked.

The drivers were unharmed by the incident but we’re cited for speeding and reckless driving.

The collision caused a 45 minute road block. One of the trucks were refrigerated; the collision caused all the contents to be unthawed and a loss of $10,000 in frozen goods.