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OKC part-owner Aubrey McClendon dies in single-car crash

Part-owner of the NBA franchise the Oklahoma City Thunder Aubrey McClendon died in a single-car crash Wednesday in Oklahoma City. Police believe that McClendon died instantly after he ran into a concrete bridge traveling well over the speed limit with no seatbelt. He was 56 years of age.

Kam Chancellor

Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor was looking to invest in a gym that had recently lost its lease in Redmond, Washington on Wednesday. However two employees inside got nervous and called the cops on him and his entourage. Police arrived and the situation was quickly resolved.

UFC fighter

UFC welterweight Jake Ellenberger was polled by “Jimmy Kimmell Live” on a segment that aired right after “Super Tuesday” had ended. Even though California did not have a presidential primary on the day, Ellenberger still said he voted for Donald Trump and that he was charged $10 for the right to vote. California doesn’t have a ballot until June 7 and they don’t charge for admittance.