CNA #9

More Than a Few Eggs: French Cook 15,000-Egg Omelette

In keeping with tradition, people in Bessieres, France cooked an enormous omelette on Monday after Easter. This has been a tradition since 1973 and 15,000 eggs are used to make it. This event attracts a crowd and the food is shared with them as well.

Driver Dramatically Rescued From Car Found Hanging From Power Lines

A car was caught up in power lines in a freak accident in Tennessee on early Saturday. A 56-year-old woman was speeding when she drove up a utility pole and became caught at least 7-feet above the ground. She was extracted by a cherry picker by the first responders.

Cop Rescues Cat … With A Taser

A cat was rescued by a policeman with his laser aiming system on his Taser. He used the laser on his Taser in an effort to entice the cat down from a tree where it was trapped. The small cat was about 20-feet above a creek before the cop saved it.

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