The Persuaders, a PBS documentary, opened my eyes to how much advertising occurs in our everyday lives and how much it actually influences the audience’s thoughts and actions who are receiving the information. People in the advertising fields are going to astounding lengths in order to get their point across and share their messages these days. Its merely impossible to escape advertisements nowadays. We see it everywhere and all the time. You can not click on something on the internet nowadays without an ad popping up. As the video says, advertising has become our “atmosphere”.

The Persuaders, implemented a twist on traditional marketing and heavily reassured that successful advertising and marketing derives solely from being one with the consumer. This is so crucial in providing and supporting a revamped advertising realm. Companies are paying more money especially to know their consumer. Businesses are able to obtain information from mass varieties of resources and are able to thoroughly pin point their audience. This new content derives from market research.

Consumer information is vital in sustaining a successful advertising market. Market research is often personalized. The more personal, the better, or more likely to succeed for the campaign. That being said, this is where the initial phase of persuasion becomes essential. Persuasion kick starts the brain. In an analytical sense, it’s almost like the documentary paralleled persuasion as planting seeds in the consumers head.

Obviously, media can have its ups and downs, lefts, and rights. Oftentimes, media is sinful and can surely mislead, but there is a fine line between Christianity in that it does not conflict with marketing. If you think about it, Christians are honestly called to be marketers. We market heaven as indescribable joy. We need to observed and come up with techniques that are valuable to the Christian faith and aid the success in creating a marketable religion.

Thorough research is necessasary in conducting a great advertisement. In the documentary, research is reflected as advertising’s savior. The advertisements must initially know their clients before advertising to them.

“On my honor, I have watched The Persuaders in its entirety.”

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