Reign of the Ice Queen

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I gasp as I open the door

To greet a face I saw before.

Young she remained, her gaze like ice,

Her smile seducing, to be precise,

Her silver hair gleams in the night,

And from her body, translucent light.

She spread her arms in warm embrace,

With smile so crooked on her face,

That I recoiled, stumbled in fear.

“Don’t be afraid my sister dear.

I am not angry of your treason,

I’m sure you had justified reason.

Come, let me hold you, please don’t be shy.”

But I saw right through her lie.

I tried to reach for fire’s kindle

As I saw her fake smile dwindle.

She rose her hand and spoke the spell

Which trapped me in an icy shell.

She placed me in her ice throne room

And sentenced many to their doom.

We all stood helpless, cold suspension.

No one could stop her swift ascension.

Soon her grasp reached the whole world,

All living things obeyed her word.

Her will was iron, her fury — death.

She made thousands gasp their last breath.

She ruled merciless, far and wide.

All who opposed her could not hide.

All resistance made in vein,

No one could stop the Ice Queen’s reign.

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