The Forest Awakens

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She asked “Hello, who’s there?”

As the wind blew in her hair,

But beyond the moon’s clear shine

No one replied to her scared line.

She took her seat next to the tree,

Squinting her eyes as if to see

Beyond the path of tress so narrow

Where the forest lay in shadow.

But little could she know right then,

Of the true evils of men,

For hungry gaze was fixed on her

And devil mind was set to lure

The unsuspecting to her death,

Where trees would witness her last breath.

So he approached with wish to harm,

When a strange creature took her arm.

She startles scared and tries to flee

“Stop child, I swear, I won’t hurt thee!”

Cried the creature standing tall,

Which did not look human at all,

A beast made of flesh and fur,

Which made her sink into a blur

When she woke, beast at her side,

A gasp of fright she tried to hide,

But beast spoke gently in soft words

“I am as harmless as the birds.

I’m here to keep you safe from harm,

Against true danger, to alarm,

Against a beast that roams these lands,

Furless of face with two strong hands

That brought much grief to living souls

And placed his victims in dark holes.

But you are lucky, for tonight

I’ll see you suffer no such fright.

I‘m of the forest, woodland creature

Thought I have no human feature,

I would never harm thee , child

For I am good, my temper mild.

Come, I shall lead you away,

To safety by the break of day.”

The hungry wolf growled as he saw

The girl take the creature’s paw,

And it led her to safer lands,

Instead of falling in his hands.

No luck tonight, demon that smiles

No victim to fall for you lies,

For forest creatures have awakened

Because of all the lives you’ve taken

They will make sure you fail each night

And that you’ll never see the light.

Your sins they’ll punish, take you away.

Drive back the night and bring back day,

For you have roamed this land too long

And tainted it with evil bond.

No more will you destroy creation.

No souls will fall for your temptation.

The time of justice comes as hand

And you’ll be driven from this land.

For forest creatures wake once more

As it was said in ancient lore.

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