Goal Setting 101: How to set powerful goals

Yesterday is history; tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift that is why it is called Present
– Master Shifu, Kungfu Panda.
It’s been a while I last sat down before the television screen to watch cartoons; does anybody still do Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon? Just a joke!
One hundred percent of the people living in the world agree that the future is uncertain and that includes you, am I right? If the future is uncertain, why should you restrain yourself and think or even plan for the ‘uncertain future’ that’s awkward. Why do we service our car before it breaks down? Why do we scan our systems even when Trojan or I love you virus has not closed the system down? I think this is to avoid problems in the nearest future; a name ascribed to this in basic science is called Preventive maintenance.

What are Goals?

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary (mobile version) defines a Goal is something that one is trying to do or achieve. It can also be said to be the end towards which efforts are directed.
Imagine playing football on a field without a clear goal post, what happens? You wander around like Cain in the bible or like sheep without shepherd. That is how our lives are when we decide not to set goals?

Goals enable us to be focused
Focus is very essential to achieve whatever what we wish in life. An entrepreneur who aims to be one of the most influential business moguls in the world need to be very focused and not be distracted by the latest fashion trends and newest club houses in town (I’m not saying fashion is bad but it should be done in moderation).

Goals enable one to be distinct
People with goals are always doing things to achieve their goal no matter how small. Remember Rome was not built in one day. Goals allow you to be distinct and you tend to associate with like-minded people. Hey you! You might be stuck with friends that don’t share in your vision, and you are asking how can I break out and plan my life? Just summon courage and do it! I believe you will not regret cutting ties with them. What if Bill Gates moved with people who loved casinos, would he have gone that far in exploring the dynamics of a computer system. One day those friends will no longer matter. I therefore implore you to brace up and do the right thing.

“Be stubborn about your goals be flexible about the methods”

What if my family, the people in my life doesn’t see things the way I see it?
What if Mark Zuckerberg became a pop singer? What if Christiano Ronaldo became a lawyer? What if Adele became a retail shop owner? The world may not have been blessed as it is now. You need to identify what you want and pursue it earnestly. The people you love will one day see reasons with what you want. If your friends don’t love you for who you are, then they are not worthy of being your friends.

How to set goals?

Pillars of goal setting

I have searched this a jillion times on the internet and I keep seeing the acronym S.M.A.R.T which highlights that
A goal must be smart
A goal must be measurable
A goal must be attainable
A goal must be realistic: “who wants to set a goal of reaching the end of the universe by 2072?”
A goal must be time- bound: “who wants to set a goal that spans for eternity”
Let’s not do this the customary way. It would be practical, just follow these steps (Warning: you take on this exercise at your risk, it may catapult you from this level to the higher level, and it may change your perspective about life. Be warned!). Just do this step-by-step guide

Get a journal
Get a pen
Imagine your 50-year old self
Write what you are crazy about (e.g. programming, writing, blogging, teaching, etc)
List out your contributions that are relevant and outstanding in the field you choose (what you want to be known for)
Highlight the steps to achieve number 5
Set deadlines to steps in number 6 leading to number 5
Reward yourself for each steps you achieve (Try something as little as carbonated drinks to something as big as a utility car)
Re-read the list every morning to keep you going
Comment on the list at night: your efforts, your shortcomings, your progress and your improvement mechanism.

See you at the next Level.

Why write the goals?
I have a sharp memory; my IQ is off the scale? Reports have shown that people who write down their goals achieve these goals than those why don’t. DEAR friend, WRITE IT DOWN. It gives you the inspiration to report back to that journal whenever you are making quantum leaps to achieve such goals. Mind you? IQ doesn’t matter in determining one’s success.
Why should I set deadlines, I have the whole time in the world?
Have you heard this quote: Time is a respecter of no man? Check a picture of you in the last 10 years; I think that should ignite a feeling. Deadlines help you to work faster and more efficiently. You have the end in mind by setting deadlines. Do you know Shankar Bankar? That great pugilist? Oh you don’t know that would be a story for another time?

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