Obsession Follows Acceptance

Thomas Edison.

The electric light bulb.

A powerful story that encapsulates Alfred Adler’s quote “I am grateful for the idea that has used me.”

Edison was obsessed with his idea. To create an electric light bulb. Simple. He had focus. He knew what he wanted to do. He knew it’s creation was inevitable.

He knew (be that consciously or not) that “if he could see it, he could do it.”

This is one thing that I love hearing Bob Proctor talk about.

It’s the understanding that if we can see it in our mind, we can experience it in our life.

However, today there is so much distraction. If we let it. And I’ve felt it in business. Do this, do that, this is a good thing, so is that. And as result, focus becomes scattered, energy becomes scattered and effectiveness dwindles… exponentially.

And it feels like shit.

That being said, the contrast of disorder/order, indecision/decision, procrastination/discipline, unfocused/focused is essential for us to understand ourselves. To understand that, as James Kemp reminded me today, focus is the superpower.

Here’s why. “Order is Heaven’s first law.” Meaning, we live in an orderly universe. There is order to everything.

This is why we FEEL so damn good when we are focused, when an idea takes us over, when we are aligned with our purpose, when we know in our hearts how we want to serve, when we know our values and what makes us, us.

This clarity is order. Mental order. It allows us to filter out the unnecessary. To say yes, to say no. It allows us to make decisions, because we know what the focus is.

This decision making creates further order. Discipline is order. Being disciplined is a by-product of mental clarity, because you’ll actually want to let go of bad habits that are getting in the way of your idea. So, when we go within, ask ourselves important questions about our lives, and most importantly ACCEPT the answers… we have this inner knowing and certainty!

We have clarity. The key then, is to keep a hold on this!! Not to be distracted by the opinions of others. But to hold ourselves firm to our Truth.

This is a challenge of the modern day, and one I’ve experienced first hand.

And the funny thing is, the answers to the important questions, the heart-felt intuitive ones, end up being similar to they were the year before.

I’ve seen this in myself. In my clients. It’s nuts. This is why people have book ideas, business ideas, hobby ideas… for years. And years. And they’re the same idea.

So, all this being said. My urge for you today, is Be Edison. If you have an idea that keeps surfacing when you day dream. Listen. It’s meant for you. It’s re-surfacing for a reason.

Accept it. Focus on it. Let it take you over. Enjoy the ride.

And as the Kiwi’s say… “Kia Kaha”. Stay strong.