What?’ You must be thinking.

Well fear not, I still have all of my mental faculties!

MelonHeads is a new and very promising Crypto Project!

It is what brings me here to convey my greetings to you, the esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen of the crypto world.

My hopes are that you too, will see what I do in this Project!

I am in fact rather eager to draw your attention towards the many excellent opportunities that make MelonHeads what it is, while allowing for what it will eventually evolve into!

It should obviously comes as no surprise, that getting in on an early Crypto Project that will blossom, is usually a case of pre-existing internal contacts and networking…. Or pure luck and chance.

In this Article however, I hope that you will be enlightened and empowered, to bypass the usually fiercely guarded avenues of inside knowledge…. You could perhaps have Lady Luck dance to your music for a change! It is not however, all that wise to tempt Fate or irk Lady Luck.

MelonHeads as a Concept, revolves around implementing a different and more effective Game development process.

We have all seen big name Studios interfering in the game development process in heavily destructive ways.

Games rushed to print when unfinished.

Games axed when 90% complete.

Unreasonable deadlines.

Pay to win.

If I listed them all we would be here all Day and all Night!

The Command & Conquer Franchise in my opinion, is a prime example of Studio meddling of all kinds, even very recently at E3, the Fans were enraged by broken promises, unfulfilled potential and what seemed to be a complete disregard for what the Customer Base want in a Game.

To disregard such a very valuable (IP) Intellectual Property seems madness, yet it happens again and again, despite the fact that if it was run effectively…. Command & Conquer could be ridiculously lucrative once again.

Many Games are altered by Fans within the Modding Community, sure some are simple tweaks, some however are works of Art! Works that even can surpass the original source material. Part of the reason for that is love of a Game or Franchise, another reason can be extreme dissatisfaction with flaws in the original material, flaws that can come from Executives meddling in the Creative and Production Process of a Game. One of the biggest factors however…. Is Time. We have all heard the adage that “Time is Money”.... Well MelonHeads aims to alter that situation.

The primary game that MelonHeads aims to work on will be a MMORPG.

For those less immersed in the gaming sphere that acronym means:

Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game

MelonHeads aims to gain it’s funding from the sale of it’s very own crypto coin.

The MHS coin.

Unlike more recent and well known crowd funding systems in use, such as kickstarter. The MelonHeads coin will be a continued source of funding as opposed to a one off funding drive.

By this process, MelonHeads aims to discard the usual unfortunate constraints.

There are many issues that can result in an enforcement of rather severe limitations on development, so doing away with these should have a positive and game changing effect.

Investments, partnerships and the rewards offered to you via Proof of Stake (POS), as well as Master Node sales, mean that MelonHeads will be able to operate with more creative freedom, ensuring that the gaming customers will be more satisfied and happily part with their money, rather than to do so grudgingly, like so many have done in the past.

Please allow me to share with you the MelonHeads coin mechanics.

One Master Node will consist of 10,000 coins.

This will then result in 100 coins being generated per calendar month for a year.

Then the following 24 months will pay out 50 coins per calendar month.

The next 48 months will see a reduction to 25 coins paid out per calendar month.

Essentially the system marries a doubling of Time passed, with a halving of coin payouts.

All of this is to retain coin value, whilst generating growth and limiting inflation.

MelonHeads is a Non Mineable Coin and no further Coins will be Minted until 2030.

It will only be available through Exchanges, Tasks, Games, Bounties, Airdrops, Master Nodes, POS, Rains and Tips.

POS will Stake at 1.25% monthly up to the Master Node amount.

Your Account on file should then automatically receive Master Node Stakes.

A Waves Account is a viable option but exchange acquired coins will also be credited with MN and POS rewards.

A 4 day delay may be applied if not registered upon the MelonHeads Discord Server however.

MelonHeads has already been rated at

The last Value per MHS coin upon reviewing was 15,000 Satoshi.

Please see here:

MN and POS rewards have already started on the 11/10/2018

So be assured that this Project is well thought out and ready for implementation ASAP.

On Sale already are the MHS-Gold Token which are a steal at 1000 MelonHeads Coins per 1 MHS-Gold.

Please be aware that the MHS Tokens and MHS Coins operate on seperate Blockchains and Wallets.

Seek out the Waves Platform or Exchanges to get your piece of the Melon Pie my Friends!

QT Wallets for Windows, Mac and Linux are already available!

The MelonHeads Discord Server also provides a Bot Wallet, something for those on the go who may be on their Phone more often than a PC.

Discord is a very important part of what MelonHeads is. Not just to make the MHS coin accessible to more Investors, but also to provide interaction and engagement between the gaming community, the customers within it and MelonHeads the Studio/Content Provider.

The drive to maintain transparency is aimed to build trust, that MelonHeads, unlike many other Game Studios, will actually listen to feedback and anticipate the needs and wishes of the gaming customers and fans.

Transparency is a primary focus for the MelonHeads Team, who see it as vitally important, to prove they have different principles and to show that the gathered funds will be used wisely and fastidiously.

MelonHeads is a Project I personally have become very enthused to see in motion.

I urge you to peruse the links lower down below.

Taste and then take a big bite out of the MelonHeads Coins available to buy!

Enrich yourself now while you still are able to do so and enable this inspiring Project to commence!

The MHS Coins are already flying off the shelves…. Don’t you want to be one of the fortunate who actually catches them and cashes in?

MelonHeads White Paper:

MelonHeads Discord server link:

MelonHeads Block Explorer:

MelonHeads Telegram:

MelonHeads Github: