4 Minutes: A Spoken Word

Imagine the healing power of a good hug. Hugging your friends. Holding your family. Embracing your significant other.

Right now, we live in a time where cruelty and violence among strangers has become the norm.

But imagine the hug of a stranger.

It’s a… mysterious comfort.

Connecting in such a raw way to an individual you’ve never met.

Who has no particular reason to connect with you in the first place.

But the stranger is opening up to you. And asking that you open up in return.

The hug from a stranger is least expected, and thus most powerful.

Imagine this hug lasting 4 minutes, without being awkward.

Imagine this hug being dynamic. The connection of the hug moves and transforms each second to create something new.

Imagine that you are “hugging to the music”.

The connection of the hug feels like the embrace of a close friend.

But it’s happening with complete strangers and it’s completely platonic and perfectly normal.

Someone you’ve met 4 minutes ago but known for a lifetime.

Not gonna lie, that’s sounds like an amazing hug.

I know your imagination must be getting tired, but imagine just one more thing.

Imagine going to a place where you can explore the healing power of different kinds of 4 minute, dynamic, musical hugs with other people that are eager to explore with you.

There’s no way you could have that right? Well guess what…

You can.

It’s called “social dancing”.

We are the Omni Movement and we believe ANYONE can dance with ANYONE ANYWHERE to ANYTHING.

Check us out.

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