10 Natural Remedies to Promote Peace and Calm

Why should you use homeopathy for anxiety relief? For the simple fact that it works.

Do you break into a sweat at the mere thought of taking anti-anxiety meds? Maybe you just want a natural solution to calm those racing thoughts and soothe panic attacks.

Either way, homeopathy provides effective remedies to help you calm down, mellow out and feel like yourself again.

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Why Is Homeopathy Effective for Treating Anxiety?

According to a new study, homeopathy helps anxiety and depression sufferers lessen their dependence on medication.

Plus, the study participants who used homeopathy saw greater symptom improvement than the study group who used medication.

Homeopathy for Anxiety: How Does It Work Anyway?

The principles of homeopathic medicine demand that every aspect of a patient’s life — mental, emotional and physical — is used to create a customized approach for treatment.

Say for example, your anxiety disorder is seeded in trauma, such as a mugging or a car crash, and you suffer from night sweats and diarrhea.

Your customized homeopathic remedy will vary from someone suffering from generalized anxiety disorder.

Homeopathy for Anxiety Relief: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

Want to try homeopathy at home? Use this simple guide…

  1. Observe your symptoms, remembering to pay attention to anything that feels unusual. Are there any changes in your mood, behavior, surroundings that worsen your symptoms? Write them down. Record all of your symptoms.
  2. Use your list of symptoms to compare with a description of remedies used for that illness. (See list below) Choose the treatment that closely fits your symptoms.

Note: Not every one of your symptoms has to match with a remedy.

3. Ok, so now you’ve found the right remedy, take one dose (3–5 pellets) under your tongue.

4. Now WAIT and OBSERVE. If you don’t see any improvement in a few hours, take another dose of 3–5 pellets. Feeling better? If so, great! If not, don’t worry about it! If you still don’t see any improvement after three doses, try a different remedy. Or you might want to consult a certified doctor of homeopathy.

Don’t give up!

If you are new to homeopathy, it could take a few tries to find the right match.

Homeopathy for Anxiety Relief:10 Natural Remedies

For over 200 years homeopathy has provided effective solutions for a variety of health issues, including anxiety.

Here are ten soothing homeopathic remedies. Give them a try…

Aconite: You can take this remedy during times of intense and sudden anxiety.

Argentum nitricum: Used for settling fear and anxiety about bridges, closed spaces, heights, and personal health. Also, good for those who craves sweets and salt (who doesn’t??) and has anxiety in the morning and before attending appointments.

Arsenicum album: Helps soothe worries concerning physical safety and security and fears about money matters.

Calcarea carbonica: Could be a staple remedy for those craving protection and stability. Do you get overly anxious when working against a deadline or when things don’t go according to plan?

Boy that was me for a long time!

Anxiety may manifest as anger, hatred, envy, withdrawal, despair, or indifference.

Gelsemium: Good for people who are timid. Who lack the resources and capabilities to do what they need or wish to do.

Have a fear of loosing control and are constantly afraid that something terrible will happen. Fear of falling, fainting, crowds, having a heart attack. Is your anxiety manifested in the following ways: vertigo, trembling, drowsiness, weakness, chills, diarrhea, and speechlessness from fright?

Ignatia: Helpful for overcoming pain from recent loss. Would you describe yourself as sensitive and heartbroken? Do you bite your lips and/or the inside of your cheeks?

Feel like you’re sometimes outside of yourself — like you’re having an out of body experience? Do you have mood swings — bursting into tears or laughter?

Lycopodium: Does a new challenge, adventure or opportunity make you anxious because you lack self-confidence?

Or maybe you feel confident but cower in the presence of what you perceive as an influential person? Does fear of failure about taking on responsibilities make you double over with anxiety? Anxiety manifests as digestive issues, sexual difficulties, irritability, and claustrophobia.

Natrum muriaticum: Great for worries associated with being in tight, narrow spaces, being humiliated or rejected. Anxieties manifested by migraines, tingling in the extremities, heart palpitations, and insomnia.

Silica: Great for anxiety sufferers with self-confidence issues. And those who panic when faced with performing in public. Also used to calm fears concerning taking on new responsibilities, undertakings, adventures.

Stramonium: Used for night terrors, obsessive-compulsive actions, and pain of abandonment.

Homeopathy for Anxiety: Finding A Good Match

Still interested in using homeopathy to manage your anxiety symptoms?Good for you.

You’ve joined millions of people who chose homeopathy to overcome health issues, including anxiety.

This may seem like a lot of information. Don’t get overwhelmed. You’ve got this!

On a personal note…

For me there’s no doubt that homeopathic remedies are perfectly safe, and can be effective when self administered.

But seeking the advice of a certified and experienced homeopathic practitioner can encourage and guide you in your homeopathic treatment.

Look for a homeopathic doctor near you!

I hope this article helps you on your journey to better mental health!

Brighter skies are ahead,