First World Problems

Here at GoPantry, we work to make the grocery shopping experience as streamlined as possible, and the crux of that comes from knowing everything you have in your pantry and fridge at home every time you go to the store. That knowledge lends all sorts of advantages when it comes to creating lists, reminding you when you need something, offering up recipe suggestions, and a whole host more.

But we’ll be the first to admit that knowing the abundance of food that you have in your pantry and fridge at any given time is solving what’s sometimes called a “first world problem.” The fact is that even in countries of plenty, while some of us are fortunate enough to have lots in our pantries, there are lots of others who have far too little.

Our Mission

You may have seen our tagline: Know what you have. Know what you need. Be awesome at eating. It’s pretty snappy, right? It gets right to the heart of what we do. But our mission at GoPantry isn’t just to make you awesome at eating — we want to make everyone awesome at eating. The problem is that not everyone is starting from the same spot.

We think we can help change that.

Out-of-the-Way Ads

One of the ways GoPantry makes money is through ads. They’re not the overbearing, all-up-in-your-grill ads that you’re used to seeing peppered all over your web and app experiences. They’re subtle, but effective. I’ll give you an example.

You’re at the store, and you have apples, whipped cream, and brown sugar on your list. You hear a little ding from your phone — it’s GoPantry!

“You’ve got apples, whipped cream, and brown sugar on your list plus you have vanilla extract at home. Why not be a real American and make an apple pie? Here’s a great recipe!”

Of course you click through to the recipe. It’s your patriotic duty. You peruse the ingredients, then click “add to list” so that all the ingredients you don’t already have in your list are automatically added and you can go about your shopping. What you may or may not have noticed while looking through the ingredients was that the recipe called for “Uncle Sam’s Artisinal Non-GMO Free Range Pie Crust” instead of just “pie crust” (as an aside, we highly vet all our recipes and ingredients so you know you’re gettin’ the good stuff). Maybe you buy “Uncle Sam’s” and maybe you don’t. But that’s the ad, pure and simple.

Our Mission + Ads = Food In All Bellies

So how does it all fit together? You’ve probably already figured it out.

We’ll take 50% of the revenue that comes in through our advertising and put it to work feeding the hungry. We’ll start our efforts in the US, because most of us may not think of people going hungry close to home, in a country with so much, but the fact is that a lot of people do. The programs we work with will focus on bringing nutritious meals, including long-term staples like canned goods along with fresh produce, meats, and seafood, to those who don’t have easy access.

So what do you need to do?

Oh, your part in all this is the easiest. Just use GoPantry. The more you use it, the more ad revenue we can bring in. The more revenue we bring in, the more we can donate. We’ll even send you periodic updates about how many people we were able to feed over, let’s say, the past month.

Actually, there is one other thing you could do. Spread the word. It’s all a game of numbers, so the more people we have on board the more good we can do.

You can check us out on our website or our Facebook page or our Twitter page. Feel free to share this post along with any or all of our other sites. Or just email us at

If you want to help us make this a reality, you can support our Kickstarter campaign.

Eating is awesome. So let’s help level the playing field so everyone can be awesome at eating.