Wedding Return Gifts for a Gathering of a 1000+ Families

Weddings in India are grand, and it’s integral in our culture to give wedding return gifts as a thank you gesture to our guests.

It’s often the question as to what can be gifted? Something trendy or traditional? Something like a show piece or utility based gift? Would our guests like it? There would be numerous questions in your mind. We will make it simple by sharing stories of what others bought, so that you can get ideas of your own.

Sharing here, from our archives, the customised return gifts provided for a grand wedding in the recent past. The host wanted something which is traditional and trendy at the same time. The guest should be able to carry home and use it. The memory of the occasion should be afresh always.

They approached The One Shop, which is the largest wholesaler of return gifts online, making them accessible to Indians worldwide. Wherever you are in the world and whatever the quantity required, you can always get the best from The One Shop.

The team at The One Shop advised them about the photo dry fruit box with custom printed photo of the bride and the groom. The dry fruit boxes can be filled with an assortment of dry fruits and given out as return gifts. The client liked the idea, and things moved quickly from there on as it was only 3 weeks for the wedding.

The work was commissioned on war footing at out partner manufacturing facility and the entire lot of custom printed dry fruit boxes were delivered to the client ahead of time. The client was happy and so were all the guests!


Delivery Location: Hyderabad, India
Quantity: 1000
Product Category: Dry Fruit Boxes
Occasion: Wedding