TheOneSpy Helps Monitor Relationships

Technological advances today make adolescent behaviors; job hopping, and data security, major issues. While we may want an unsupervised environment distrust and safety concerns for parents and employers raise concerns about monitoring children and employees activities. TheOneSpy smartphone monitoring software gives you monitoring support for Android and Blackberry smartphone users, with features aimed at monitoring threats, dishonest behavior, abuse, fraud and loss of data.

TheOneSpy is undetectable on the target phone, and needs a onetime physical access to the target smartphone to download and install the app in a minute. After installation the main user (parent or employer) gets access to three way surveillance, via instant SMS, Email alerts and with notification prompts on the Member Area which is a password protected secure online user created interface on TheOneSpy website

Through the Interface the “Monitor” can access the target phones calls with date, time and duration using a ‘Call Record’ feature, and a ‘Call Log’ to maintain the call history. Parents can access children’s phone activity and know who they are interacting with regularly. Married couples can track spouse’s cell phone activity. A ‘Live Call Intercept’ feature allows calls in progress intercept to join a conversation the target phone holder knowing.

With growing organizational rivalries employee loyalties are tested; employers are worried about data loss as competitors try to exploit employee’s financial needs and sabotage operations. TheOneSpy Monitoring Software allows employers to securely monitor employees cell phone behavior with a copy SMS features which saves SMS messages (received, sent even those deleted) from the target phone with a time log. The ‘Redirect SMS’ feature can send SMS from Member Area on website to any target phone contact number, making the recipient think it is from the target phone.

The ‘Real Time Geo Location Tracking’ enables employer to track movement on a map of Member Area, with location history of the employees’ movements. With the app’s ‘Geo Fencing’ feature employer can demarcate prohibited areas, and get notification when target phones ventures into one.

The “Trigger words” feature allows words to be added, so when the monitored phone receives an email or SMS with the trigger word, an alert is sent to the Monitor. Similarly, calls from an unknown or suspect number generate an alert notification.

The ‘Live Phone Surroundings’ feature allows listening within 15 feet of target phone’s surroundings, enabling listening to conversation or sounds in the surroundings.

TheOneSpy’s swift notification of contacts, emails, appointment book and calendar settings, shares videos, photos and audios in the Member Area warn the user if children are watching pornographic images or videos.

The monitor can access Google Talk and Blackberry messenger chats; and allows access to browsing history, bookmarks and related items.

If the Monitor finds any suspicious activity on the target phone, the logs of cell phone can be used to show the target the deviations they have done.

In case a cell phone is stolen, TheOneSpy can wipe the data from the target phone while retaining a back up in the Member Area and activate phone Lock, saving photos, videos and personal details from going into wrong hands.

An important feature of TheOneSpy is that it works with the Phone software and is independent of the SIM / Chip used. So even if there is a change in Target phone’s SIM, a notification is sent via email updating on the SIM card number, while continuing the surveillance process. This not only saves data it also helps catch the phone thief, making it an unavoidable app for all.

Originally published at on September 24, 2014.

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