When the background check didn’t come back clear.


I can’t sleep.

It’s not just the daylight savings adjustment.

For three months, I’ve been demanding a review and reevaluation of my pay and position at my current job. For context, in the past three years I’ve helped to expand us from 15 to over 100 employees and expanding business. I said I wanted to know by the end of January. In February I became infuriated and wanted it immediately or I’d resign my position.

I couldn’t get to a point to see eye to eye with our CEO. I got dicked around and was given a shitty review before ultimately receiving an offer that was generous but below what I had asked for. This is in March.

Sticking to my guns, I applied behind the scenes to new opportunities. One answered, expressed great interest in bringing me on board and offered me the position pending a background check.

Mind you, I know my criminal history. I also know that part of my bargaining with the district attorney was to defer judgement and drop my case(s) to a misdemeanor. I had received explicit direction from my attorney, the judge, and a friend who works with FBI/DOJ checks that a) I wouldn’t have to ever check that I have open or pending cases b) it wouldn’t be an issue. And it hasn’t been. In three recent checks, no results.

I told them I was confident it would come back without issue. They invited me to an event to see what kind of work they do. I was introduced as the new guy coming on. I was asked if I had put in my two weeks at my current job. I tell my family. I announce to my current staff I will be leaving.

I receive a call today that my background check has put their job offer on hold. They asked why I hadn’t disclosed this information in the interview process and seemingly took issue that I had omitted it.

I’ve been in hiring teams before. Previous offenders of any kind are categorized differently. Are they thinking I am a liar? Is it a bad precedent for future working relationships? I explain that not only are my previous case(s) closed, dealing with them and working hard to keep them in my past is what helped me achieve the maturity I have at my age. It’s what drives me to be successful. They let me know they will contact me by Friday.

So now, I’m scheduled to leave my job led to believe I would be starting a new one and that new one is uncertain. And I lay here, restless, questioning why, all prayed out, and await my judgement. Following up would just sound like excuses- I told them my piece and that I had every reason to know that it wouldn’t be an issue. I looked up the law in my state about it and I nor they have broken them.

It’s just a really shitty place to be at.

UPDATE: I received a call a few short days after telling me that the funding for the position had been dissolved. Therefore, they could not offer me the position. I inquired that had funding still be available would they still have hired me even with what they found. They replied, “Yes. It wasn’t a problem to hire you we and I don’t know how to tell you I’m sorry, but we just don’t have the position anymore.”

Either I wasn’t destined for this position or they have set up quite an elaborate lie.