my humor pieces on Medium are the only standouts, according to numbers. It disheartens me.
Writing and the Looking Glass Self
Kel Campbell

But your humor pieces (and I haven’t read *everything* of yours so possibly I’m speaking out of turn) aren’t just humor… there’s such humanity there, such truth. that truth resonates for people, and that truth is what I’m looking for on medium… I’m looking for connection, for something further from the news and closer to poetry. Your piece about getting your period at work… I’ve talked about that IRL at least twice, in two disparate settings. It means something to me because your strength and badassery inspired me to be strong and to attempt to be a badass more often. It made me feel more secure in my humanity.

I don’t mean to say that your feelings aren’t valid… I just think that your humor pieces CAN change things… but that change isn’t as easy to see.