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Heidi Baker


I can credit Diana Gabaldon with the loss of my “virginity” (a hard thing to define when you’re bisexual… but suffice to say this is the more traditional definition I’m referring to). The Outlander books woke the bear in a HUGE way (totally using that phrase in this way now BTW)

I’ve been working lately to work my husband into my story fantasies lately, a kind of imaginary role play, and it’s been making a big difference.

Still, I wish that there were *more* stories like Outlander. I need diversity of plot, setting & characters :)

I just started watching the Outlander episodes on Starz (free bingeing opportunity FTW) and got to the end of episode 6 and let out a big WHOOO HOOO that scared the dogs — and brought my husband in from another room. Somehow, I was unable to explain to him why the last words of the episode were so thrilling… which brings me to this: if only I could connect with my husband on the level of stories. Imagining him in my own interior fantasies is great, but externally, they don’t work for him the way they do for me. Stupid cats, sleeping so lightly :/

But I digress. Really great piece! Thank you!!

And thanks to Heidi Baker for the Vikings recommendation!

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