assertion of a shared purpose
John Di Palma

Some businesses seek to formalize and be held accountable for these factors. The B Corp certification is one means of doing so. Patagonia, Warby Parker, and Etsy are certified B Corps. “Why Some Companies Are Legally Swearing They Won’t Be Evil — The Atlantic:

We feel like we’ve been manipulated at various times, whether it’s because of ads or Power Points or nifty mission statement on the wall. That’s part of why we created B Corps — as a response to the understandable skepticism or even cynicism. Performance matters a lot more than promises, and performance is a lot more believable when it is verified by an independent third party.

Whatever principles are asserted, some people will feel alienated. While initially a counterintuitive, even painful process, such pruning is necessary to forge healthier, albeit fewer, connections. K-HOLE #1: FragMOREtation K-HOLE:

Limits localize you. They tie you to a certain place, and more importantly to a certain van- tage point. When your products can be bought just as easily in New York as Shanghai (not to mention every Factory Brand Outlet in between) it’s pretty difficult to convince the consumer that you’re doing anything different from anyone else.
We would like to term this emerging strategy of “this is what we are not,” fragMOREtation.

The same principles are in play in MB’s “smiling curve” framework, illustrated here as it relates to the publishing industry:

The thing about Internet scale is it doesn’t just have to mean you strive to serve the most possible people at the lowest possible price; individuals and focused publications or companies can go the other way and charge relatively high prices but with far better products or services than were possible previously.
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