I’m going to assume you’ve already bootstrapped your app with the typescript template, create-react-app.

In this article, we are going to learn how to tool your app development process to use GraphQL with a demo weather app by:

This is for those who want to do things themselves or like adventures. This will guide you in deploying to your AWS S3 buckets for different environments (development, staging and/or production) with archiving feature (keeping the last deployment in a dated archive folder). And then use AWS CloudFront for delivery…

What we want to do is to create an attribute directive to change the behaviour of password input.

After building our directive, we can simply make any input field have a hide/show button by the side to toggle the type of the input form element by adding an attribute like…

If you are trying to block some routes from loading based on some permissions or blocking a route based if not authenticated, then you can read along.

We are going to do an example where you need to login to view your dashboard and permission-based routing where if no…

Ever wondered why you load your component and now do API call?
What you might be familiar with is, showing a loader after rendering your component and also watching if to hide or show a page loader, or have a user/client asked this question

Why are we showing loader after…


Is to create a build and deployment process, where you tag to release to production, push to master to release to staging server via ssh scp. SIMPLE 😉

We are going to be using


Create a loader that looks like youtube’s using the new HTTPClient(angular 4.3) recently released (gives us the ability to intercept request or response) and ng2-slim-loading-bar.

A major feature of @angular/common/http is interception, the ability to declare interceptors which sit in between your application and the backend. When your application makes…


Create a loader that looks like youtube’s using Router Events and ng2-slim-loading-bar.

What we are going to do

Create a new angular project

We are going to be using angular cli to create our new application

npm install -g @angular/cli@latest
ng new…


Able to deploy your angular application to your shared hosting server via FTP from bitbucket pipelines and alight on how to do same for heroku cloud hosting server.

Let’s get down to play, with these few steps your continuous integration with bitbucket should be up and running (and don’t forget…



We are going to build an application to help prevent some routes based on user role and uses jwt that last for xmins before the xmins expires we use the token to request for the next one before the route is opened, so when idle we log the person out…

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