some of the best albums of 2015.

the best albums of 2015

Since I’ve been writing for OOR it’s a tradition to make a top 10 of best records of the year, but since I’ve stopped writing for them they turn to other critics. So no real list this year, but an overview of the albums I enjoyed the most.

What are the best albums of 2015 according to me? I’ve posted two each day until 31|12|2015. In no particular order, although the first one mentioned below is my absolute favorite. For those who missed a day or two here is the complete list of best albums of 2015.

‘LIX’ by Glice. electronic neo-shamanism. the soundtrack of accelerationism. new weird ambient or cosmic noise.

‘Körper’ by Isolation Berlin. schlafen kan ich auch noch wenn ich tot bin.

‘Dragon’ by Naive Set. bands with tracks about Dieter Ram’s wife are cool.

‘Summertime ’06’ by Vince Staples. don’t let the bees and bird fuck with you, Vince ;- )

‘London’ by Daisy Bell. the soundtrack of pre-victorian London interpreted by the poems by William Blake.

‘The Emmisary’ by Jens-Uwe Beyer. slow. motion. ambient.

‘In Champagnerlaune’ by Der Bürgermeister der Nacht. ich bin der madonna der nackte gefühle.

‘Devotion’ by Roy Santiago. the david bowie of the lowlands.

‘Far Away Is Right Around The Corner’ by Sonae. hold your breath.

‘Edition 1’ by King Midas Sound + Fennesz. sound to dwell in.

‘II’ by Sleep Kit. bringing back memories of early nineties lazy afternoons.

‘The Power That B’ by Death Grips. contemporary hiphop.

‘Modular Works 2015q1’ by Jos Smolders. tribute to Robert Hampson, inspired by Pierre Henry.

‘Music Complete’ by New Order. best pop band ever.

‘Endless Void’ by Dead Neanderthals. jazz. noise. void.

‘Kindred Phenomena’ by Mattheis. white ambient meets melancholic deep house.

’SOAR’ by De Droste Effect. cosmic space rock like only can be made in Eindhoven (remember 35007).

‘Groove it Out’ by Lonelady. pop. pop. pop.

‘Versammlung 1’ by Wolfgang Voigt. endlich. unendlich.

‘You and Me Galaxy’ by Villeneuf. sugar-coated warm eighties pop songs.

‘Cascade’ by William Basinski. floating forever.

‘OUT’ by Die Nerven. noch immer da.

What are you favorite albums of 2015? Please share!

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